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What is blue Xanax? 

Blue Xanax is not at all different from the other dyed-color pills, the effects are the same but when someone talks about the difference; one should understand that the color pills talk about the weightage of the dose. Blue Xanax is about 1 milligram and it is oval in shape or elliptical in shape. They are easy to consume and without any anxiety. 

At first instinct the doctor will start the treatment, by visualizing the symptoms, how one is behaving, and how one feels. At the initial stage, the medical assistance team provides

2.5 milligrams of the dose. This dose can increase from3 milligrams to 4 milligrams per day and it totally depends upon the needs. 

How to use it?

It is obvious that one should take a Blue Xanax medicine when the condition is severe or as directed by the doctor. The doctor prescribed the tablets on the basis of age, gender, weight, the need. Doses can increase until the medicines show a positive indication. But with medicine, the person needs to take some other health supplements. 

Generally, doctors would ask their patients to take medicine orally. The effect will show within an hour. But the saddest reality is that people have started to abuse this medication. You have to crush the tablets and then puff them through your nose. The crushed powder starts to work more quickly and the effects are quite impressive. 

What are the different types of dyed color Xanax available? 

You will be astonished that Alprazolam pills come in different colors. In the above section, blue Xanax tablets are mentioned. In this small section, one will understand the different types of colors. 

The dyed-colored pills indicate the strength of the pills. Different colors will show what is the patient’s condition and how much the patient needs help. 

Green color Xanax tablet 

  • The green color holds the same amount of strength as white and yellow tablets. 
  • The power of the tablets is around 1 milligram to 3 milligrams. 
  • The shape of the tablets is round, oval, triangular, and rectangular.

Pink color Xanax tablet 

  • This pink dyed color tablet is only available or one can be purchased when it is prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, it is impossible to purchase as it is abused by many teenagers and young minds. 
  • The power of the dose is 3 milligrams. 
  • This tablet comes in two shapes that are round and oval. 

White color Xanax tablet 

  • The alternative name for this is the stick. 
  • It is most commonly and vividly used by people. 
  • The power of this bar is around – 0.25 milligrams to 2 milligrams. 
  • After the intake one might feel an intense kind of relaxation. 
  • Should be careful while quitting, as it can make you addicted. 

Yellow color Xanax tablets 

  • It is the same as the white and yellow color bar. 
  • There is no difference in terms of its power or the effects but one difference seen here is that the company generating the tablets claims differently. 
Peach color Xanax tablets 
  • The other name for this is – orange alprazolam 
  • The power of the dose is 0.5 milligrams 
  • It is oval or maybe football-in shape. 
  • The doctor prescribed this power tablet only when the condition of the patient is not so severe.

Purple color Xanax tablets 

  • This is produced by Pfizer. 
  • The code name is A23. 
  • Prescribed by the physician.

How to identify the Xanax pills / how one should know that it is a fake or authentic pill. In the market, there are many pills that are not authentic and it claims that it is the original pills that have been produced. The best way to know the difference between the original and the fake pill is to search for the code which is available on the tablets. 

Different color pills come in different shapes and sizes. So, one should understand which color has which shape. One should visit the brand website to know more. Fake pills can hamper your health and may bring more health issues. In some cases, it may cause death. 

What is Alprazolam-Xanax? 

As mentioned in the above section, it is used for anxiety attacks and panic attacks. But a doctor may suggest this tablet when a patient worries a lot, has stress, Ptsd. A person should be extremely careful while having this medicine as it can make a person used to it. And later, in the part, one might feel low on energy withdrawal symptoms that can make a person weak.

What are the effects of Xanax?

Xanax is only given to the patient when they are anxious, worried, stressed, and have insomnia. It instantly gives relief to the nervous and brain which eventually helps to give peace. This will also give muscles relief.

Side effects of Xanax? 

With positive side effects, this may also give some negative effects. Some of the effects are not so awful but some may have adverse effects. Let’s see what impact it will leave on a person.

  • Temporary loss. 
  • Irritation 
  • Breathing loss 
  • Weak and slow heart rate. 
  • Pupil dialectic. 
  • The medicine might not suit and may result in allergic 
  • There might be behavioral change – a person would not like to have sex. The sex drive really goes down due to side effects. 
  • Although it is said that after, intaking this medicine; things will change for good but it can also have reciprocal effects. There can be mood swings. 
  • A person is not able to concentrate properly, resulting in poor learning. ● Clammy skin. 
  • Person will start to avoid other social gatherings 
  • Dizziness 
  • Dry mouth. 
  • Poor speech 
  • Vomiting 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Due to an overdose, a person may face death.
  • Headaches. 

Precaution while taking the medicines. 

Definitely, everyone blindly trusts our doctors. We are ready to do whatever is said to us. But on our end what we can do? So few things that need to keep in our mind are as follows  

  • Don’t hide anything- A doctor does not know what is our past history. What issues does a patient go through? So it is necessary to open up in front of the doctors. 
  • A patient might have an allergy to certain medications. So directly tell your doctor. 
  • If you are pregnant, then, in that case, you should talk to the doctor. 
  • Teenagers should not use it at all, as it can increase the risk. 
Withdrawal symptoms 

When a person is to avoid the pills all of sudden, he may feel some unusual behavior. They may feel dizziness, headaches, vomiting, weak muscles, cry, and feel like ending their life. In that case, one should call for assistance or 911 and should get admitted to the hospital. So it is advised that one should not give up on the medicine until and unless the doctors direct. 

To avoid the heavy effects 

  • one can exercise, 
  • Meditate 
  • Eat healthy food 
  • Drink fresh juice. 
  • Do not take other supplements 



Xanax is a medicine that is responsible for treating anxiety, worries, and stress. It is available in 0.5, 1, 2.5,3 and 4 milligrams. Different dyed colors and shapes are meant to have other effects. Not only this but it can also treat other abnormalities. One should consult the doctor in a proper way, knowing the effects and causes. Young minds should avoid eating as they may face a lot of issues.


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