Human Coronavirus NL63 or HCV-NL63 is a single-stranded RNA virus. It is one of the species of
coronavirus that was first discovered in late 2004 in a seven-month-old baby with bronchiolitis in
the Netherlands. However, this infective virus is an enveloped, positive-sense virus that enters its
host cell by the ACE2 receptor. Infection with the corona NL63 virus got varified worldwide, and it also has an association with the common diseases and symptoms. The illnesses that happen in it include severe lower respiratory tract contagion, mild to moderate upper respiratory tract infections, croup, and
bronchiolitis. This virus is mostly found in children, elderly, and patients with acute respiratory illness. However, this virus has a seasonal connection with a temperate climate. The questionnaire by
scientists in Amsterdam gets a conclusion that this virus has a presence in approximately 4.7%
of common respiratory diseases.